Animation & Motion Design

Motion Design/Animation

Here is a collection of motion graphic and animation pieces that we have done, either together or in collaboration with other talented individuals.


Stop motion advertisment we did to promote Summer Wear

Concept: Chris "Gonzo" Gonzalez, Hailey Del Rio

Art Direction: Hailey Del Rio

Stop Motion Animation: Chris "Gonzo" Gonzalez, Hailey Del Rio, & Ivan Quiroz

Typography: Nina Thomasian

Music: Phil So

Art Direction: Chris "Gonzo" Gonzalez, Hailey Del Rio

Animation: Chris "Gonzo" Gonzalez

Design/ Illustration: Hailey Del Rio

Copy: Tiffany Gimbel

Music: Phil So

Trends Video that was created for for to display the new upcoming TRENDS of the festival season.

Filmed/Edited & Motion/Animation: Chris "Gonzo" Gonzalez

Design/Layout: Hailey Del Rio

Photography: Gerald Koufeldt

Styling: Taylor Sandy

Property of

Fun stop motion project that was created for our "day jobs."

Animation/Compositing: Chris "Gonzo" Gonzalez

Layout/Art Direction: Hailey Del Rio

Photography/Lighting & Compositing: Ivan Quiroz

Music: Phil So

Visual design: Derrin Hawkins

Animation/Motion Design: Chris Gonzalez

Filming/Editing: Sara Weinbaum

This was a fun project where we got to work on for a local tech podcast out here in Las Vegas called "Don't Sweat The Tech". You can check them out on their site

Art Direction/ Design: Chris Coy
Music: Eric B and Rakim- Don't Sweat The Technique